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Join a group of powerful women to share your story of

transformation in my new anthology-


As women, we work hard to stand in our value,


we are rewarded for abandoning our power, playing small,

over-accommodating and falling in line. To live powerfully and authentically, we need to 

break through our good girl conditioning on all levels.

To accomplish this, we need to become warriors for ourselves.

This is the only way to truly THRIVE and be fully ALIVE.

Is this you?

You've been doing powerful work on yourself and have a mission &

a message of healing and transformation. 

You have a story to tell of going from disempowered good girl to empowered goddess (particularly in one area of your life.)

You have risen from the ashes, against all odds, to claim your feminine power.

You have healed and transformed your people-pleasing & transformed your life.

You have evolved past over-giving, fixing and co-dependent behavior.

You have wrestled with the perfectionism monster (and won!)

You stopped hiding your gifts, playing small and shrinking.

You know you are here to help the divine feminine rise.


It's time to share your journey of transformation!!

Your story will AWAKEN & TRANSFORM the lives of other women!

There are several categories:

Empowered Prosperity, Empowered Self-love, Empowered Relationships, Empowered Boundaries/Communication, Empowered Mindset, Empowered Sexuality/Intimacy, Empowered Business, Empowered Body Image

and more.


This is an opportunity to deep-dive into your own good girl to goddess journey.

The journey as a co-author in The Good Girl to Goddess Diaries will 


You will organize your talking

points and be able to deliver your message with even more IMPACT.

The Journey

4 weeks- The Crack Your Good Girl Code mini course

4 weeks- Writing Camp to give you a structure in telling your story

2 Individual Sessions with Joy for Story Shaping and Creative Editing

Be a guest on The Good Girl to Goddess Diaries Podcast 

Add Published Author to your bio

Purchase the paperback books at a deep discount.


Crack Your Good Girl Code

In this 8 week course, you will take a deep dive into your own good girl conditioning. You will gain profound insights and be able to fold them into your story of evolution from good girl to goddess.


Good Girl to Goddess
Writing Camp

In this 4 week writing camp, Joy will guide you through a process to share your good girl to goddess story making writing easy and fun. It gives you a structure for illuminating your transformational journey. From these structures, you will construct your story.


2 Story Shaping & Creative Edit Sessions with Joy

In this individual session, I will work with you to shape your story and offer creative editing to highlight your evolution revolution. I will help you key in on your most potent message.  I have a way of seeing the diamonds in your story. Narrowing down your message will serve you powerfully in all areas of your business.

Joy Balma, MA, MS, Author and Publisher

Author of Crack Your Good Girl Code; Secrets To Reclaiming Your Feminine Power
"Rock Your Feminine Type To Rock Your Business."

Joy Balma author (6).png

Host of The Good Girl to Goddess Podcast
Publisher of SHE ROCKS Magazine
CEO of Brilliant Living Publishing

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Join a group of revolutionary women sharing their stories of evolution and transformation.
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