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crack your

Good Girl


coach certification

A Feminine Empowerment  Mystery School

grounded in practical transformational psychology.

This training will deeply influence the way you show up in the world.

Designed for women ready to emerge from their cocoon of over-giving to and

create a life & work they truly DESIRE.

This is about YOUR desires, not meeting the desires of others.

It's is a  deep-dive immersion into the heart of your

Feminine  Power!


Every woman has an inner Good Girl  that influences and often controls every aspect of her life:

Relationships, Health, Success, Fulfillment, Love, Business, Money, Visibility, Fitness & Food and more.

That inner Good Girl is often a saboteur that

stops us from living our lives fully, fiercely and authentically.

But this is just the start.

Our Good Girl encourages us


Give our power away

If we aren't paying attention, our Good Girl can rob us of the very things we want the most -- the life we desire and deserve!

For eons women have been conditioned to give their power away.

I created this deep-dive immersion into your SACRED SELF to help you reclaim your power & become the leading lady of your life.

You will FIND and FIX the POWER LEAKS that stand in the way of owning your greatness and creating a life you love.


If you are ready to give your life a SONIC BOOM- to know yourself in a FRESH NEW WAY and bust through old outdated patterns, you will LOVE this training.

In the Crack Your Good Girl Code Immersion,

your sabotaging Good Girl patterns will be revealed and healed. 

You will see how your Good Girl patterns have been directing your life from behind the scenes


Hello There! I'm Joy

I am your Good Girl Sherpa.

Together we are going to climb empowerment mountain.

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Maybe you have given your power away

& you want to take your POWER back.

Maybe you hold yourself back from who you are and what you want

& you want to EXPAND into your true self.

Maybe you don't speak up to express your truth & you want to show up authentically so you can

TRANSFORM your relationships.

Maybe you don't create boundaries & you want to fix that power leak.

Maybe you over-give to others but feel empty inside & you want to this around.

Or, maybe you settled for a life that is so much less than you desire

& you want to OBLITERATE your own self-imposed limits.


It all begins with

Revealing & Healing Your

Good Girl Patterns

I want to let you in on a secret. Your Good Girl is in your blind spot.

You don't see this part of yourself because it is rewarded by society.

It took me many years of inner searching, tons of different personal growth trainings, seeking spiritual teachers.... you get the picture... to figure this out.


It was only when I saw how my Good Girl was at work in my life that

I had WOKE UP!

I realized my GOOD GIRL was sabotaging


controlling my relationships, my business and even my relationship with my body.


The impact of unveiling my Good Girl was so life-changing that I went on to write my book,

"Crack Your Good Girl Code: Secrets To Reclaiming Your Feminine Power."

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The reason you don't recognize your Good Girl is because she hides behind different masks that we see as positive such as:

The self-less saint

The compassionate healer

The generous giver

The sensitive empath

The spiritual aspirant

Here's what you don't see...

The selfless saint doesn't create boundaries

The compassionate healer is broke

The generous giver doesn't know how to receive

The sensitive empath doesn't promote her work

The spiritual aspirant gives her power away

What happens if you don't create boundaries, are broke, don't know how to receive, don't promote your work and give your power away?

~ Or ~

your inner Good Girl can wear the mask of

The Perfectionist  /  Over-Achiever


If you are a Perfectionist / Over-Achiever,  it's very hard to see how your Good Girl is in charge because you are talented & accomplished. You might see yourself as empowered, but the truth is you need approval and validation from others and that means you end up living your life for others. You try to be what others want you to be so you will be rewarded by their approval or admiration or acceptance.

The perfectionist / over-achiever Good Girl chases a reward that is promised (whether real or imagined.)  She will jump through whatever hoop she has to in order to reach her goal and reward.


~ Or ~


Your inner Good Girl may wear the mask of the:

The perpetual self-doubter

The accommodating people-pleaser

The wallflower/ doormat

The peacekeeper

The victim

You will learn about your Good Girl Type in this training.


If you are a women's empowerment coach in the areas of:

Self-Love - Self-Care - Holistic Healing - Health - Nutrition - Fitness

Money - Business - Mindset Mastery - Wellness - Well-being

Relationships - Women's Empowerment - Leadership - Transformation - Parenting

Crack Your Good Girl Code

Coach Certification will add an

exciting NEW dimension to your current offerings

& support the work you already offer.

Not only will you gain a POWER TOOL-KIT to help your client's go through a

profound transformation, but You will POWER UP every area of your life.

Your client's can only go as far as you have gone.


Crack Your Good Girl Code

Coach Certification

 you will EMPOWER yourself and deepen your wisdom to EMPOWER other women.





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