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Hey There! I'm Joy

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I help women understand their personality type so they can unleash their WILD POWER, PROSPERITY & POTENTIAL. I've written two best-selling books on this topic and offer trainings and a coach certification track.  


For many years I worked as a personality type teacher and coach with my Master's in Psychology. I realized there were missing pieces in most personality systems. They didn't focus on women's psychology and conditioning.  This inspired me to create personality type systems specifically for women and write 2  books on the subject--- "Crack Your Good Girl Code" and "Rock Your Feminine Type to Rock your Business." In my book, Crack Your Good Girl Code, I share four primary Good Girl Types. You see, there isn't just ONE Good Girl - you know the one without the backbone. 


There are Good Girl micropatterns.  There is the Perfectionist,  the Fixer, the Pleaser and the Peacekeeper. You are a combination of two and these two archetypes and they drive your life. They influence everything every area of your life -- your Good Girl is that powerful. 


The truth is, it is hard to see our Good Girl. In my trainings,  I put a bright spotlight on these Good Girl micro-patterns so you can see your unconscious programming instead of being controlled by them.


When you uncover & understand your Good Girl programming, you break free from your limiting patriarchal conditioning. This profoundly transforms and elevates all areas of your life - money, relationships, business, manifesting, self-love and more.


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