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You are the kind, caring and humble PLEASER Good Girl with a heart of gold. Like sunshine on a rainy day, your cheerful spirit lifts everyone higher. You put people at ease because you don't judge them.

You are comfortable being in the background and blending in. But there is a way in which you don't show up fully for yourself and this sabotages you in many ways. You may not charge enough or what you are worth. You don't create the boundaries because you just want to go along to get along. Because you are so agreeable, you may let others mold you to be what they want you to be.

The key to embodying the full spectrum of your feminine power is to show up FULLY for yourself and your life. No more playing small, diminishing your talent and doubting your value. Put yourself FIRST in all areas of your life and stake you claim for what you really want.

It's time to get off the sidelines and become the leading lady of your life.

You are on a journey to become the DIVINE GODDESS full of radiant LOVE power. Here, you are not looking for anyone to save you. You've reclaimed your power and saved yourself! You've learned to follow your own north star and trust yourself. As the DIVINE GODDESS, you show people that they can love themselves as they are and be both powerful and kind. You glow girl!



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