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Do you have thoughts of judgment
(against yourself or others)
that keep you stuck in an endless maze of misery?



The mind creates endless loops of judgment against ourselves and others. There is no escape until you find the way out! It is like being caught in an endless maze.  JOY Mapping & Tapping will lovingly guide you through your story and reveal the hidden layers that hold it together and block the flow of love.


I developed The JOY Mapping & Tapping™ Method to help you see through the stories and beliefs that steal your love, freedom and joy. It brings to light the hidden beliefs that stand in the way of your love for yourself and others.  It opens the door to unconditionally loving and accepting yourself and others. ​​​​

The JOY Mapping & Tapping™ Method is way beyond EFT.  It turns the tables on your ego by shining a bright light on it. If you are wanting to see through your own stories and judgments to find love, peace & inner freedom, I invite you to discover The JOY Mapping & Tapping™ Method. 

Get to the story underneath the story and you will reclaim your energy, joy and love.


 JOY Mapping & Tapping will help you transform nagging judgments you hold against yourself & others. 

The JOY Mapping & Tapping Method™

powerfully helps you:

Embody a fresh new perspective​

Dissolve mental blocks

Let go of negative scripts about yourself

Relax & find peace

Forgive for good

Be happy unconditionally

Change your energy

Transform limiting beliefs

Love yourself NOW

Release grievances & judgments

Get UNSTUCK and move forward

Open your heart

Love & cherish yourself

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dissolves your suffering story & awakens joy.

You start with the story that is playing on a loop in your head


JOY Mapping & Tapping™ will unwind it.


Here are some issues that people have started with:​

I have Clutter

I feel stuck & unmotivated

I can't forgive someone

My Lousy Sleep

I have to get a higher degree

I'm not moving forward

I'm repeating the negatives

I am a relationship failure

I have money blocks

I'm not smart enough

I'm overweight

Men/women don't want me

I'm not living up to my potential

I failed a test

I'm not fit

I'm afraid to speak in public​

I should have....

They should have....

I have devoted my life to exploring spirituality,  consciousness and psychology. For over 2 decades I've studied every spiritual tradition, wisdom philosophy, consciousness modality and healing method I could find. With Masters Degrees in Transpersonal Psychology and Oriental Medicine, I had a practice as an Acupuncturist and Life Coach. My work has revolved around helping people thrive in body, mind and spirit.


Overtime, I could see what was really needed was a method of coaching that helped people see through their limiting stories, beliefs and judgments. After many years of working with numerous teachers and trainings, I still felt something was missing. I was looking for a way to break through ego stories replaying on a loop that  limit and control us. With utter frustration at not finding the method I was seeking, I had an inspiration that I could create what I was looking for. It poured out of me. I wrote for a few months and what was created was a series of MAPS. Later I added meridian tapping to the MAPS.


The JOY MAPPING & TAPPING Method exposes your belief maker- your EGO - and reflects it back to you. You see how it is holding your stories (and you) hostage. ​The JOY MAPPING & TAPPING Method powerfully dissolves your stories and returns you to your open heart. Layers of judgements dissolve and are not able to reconstitute again.

Welcome home! Welcome back!​​ 


JOY Mapping & Tapping
~ When it's finally time to FREE your MIND ~


There are two primary JOY Maps 
#1- Self    -   #2- Others

There are also specialty JOY Maps



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What People Say

​Joy Balma is a true gift from the Universe. She poked a hole as big as the great outdoors in my system of limiting beliefs. Through her spot on personal coaching, she guided me on a journey of self acceptance and love which is already making a wonderful difference in every area of my life. Now I am free to focus on what is important to me.  I have shed outdated notions and ideas that have been holding me prisoner for years. Not only am I pursuing my passion of writing once again, I have found a new found enthusiasm for it-- but most importantly, I am daring to dream again. I owe all this newfound Joy to Joy! 

Linda Vernon 


I love Joy Mapping with Joy! I didn't realize just how much I was blocking my own flow of receiving until I did this JOY MAPPING. 
Immediately after 2 sessions, the floodgates opened. I am now able to 'receive' for the first time. I feel released, relieved and relaxed on many levels. Thank you for this work Joy.




"I immediately felt safe and comfortable with Joy. She has a wonderful loving energy and creates a safe place for you to do your most  sacred work of inner discovery. She has an amazing ability to tune into what you REALLY need."  Miriam

"JOY Mapping & Tapping has provided me a new way to open up my thinking. My very first session helped me release some thoughts that have blocked me from living my truest and highest self - FOR YEARS! This innovative technique is one that will blow your mind in subtle and effective new ways. I'm truly a fan!"

Laurie Light

"Joy, you have helped me tame my monkey mind and opened my heart far and wide. When I first came to see you I didn't even know what you meant by living in the heart and now I couldn't imagine where my life would have been headed had you not guided me. Thanks you for being so patient, intuitive and dedicated in showing me this new way of being. I now have a steady stream of inner peace. I am in the flow and enjoying the juicy unfoldment of my life adventure."


"Joy is the embodiment of spiritual connectivity. Her work is comprehensive, meaningful and essential and I would highly recommend using her talents should you find yourself seeking more inner peace in your life."​Lisa Gentry

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"Doing JOY Mapping lifted a huge weight off my shoulders...

I feel lighter in my body, it appears like I lost ten years off my face, my nervous system feels purged at a very core level.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for this!"  Cindy Jarrett 

"Doing JOY Mapping & Tapping changed my life. I feel so lucky to have found Joy because she has been one of the greatest life gifts since I met her. She's not your average Life Coach. With two Masters Degrees and years of experience she has the unique abilities to really hone on and move you out of STUCKNESS! I can't say enough good things about Joy's and her method. I absolutely recommend working with her if you are on the fast tract to transformation. S.R.

"Joy's energy is addicting. She has great insight. I had some profound "ah ha" moments doing Joy Mapping & Tapping. I was able to let go and release some things that had been bothering me for 25 years. Joy is full of knowledge. Work with her if you can." Margarita

"When I first came to see Joy, I was at the top of my field. I should have been happy and fulfilled but something was missing.  I was stagnant, bored and depressed.  Working with Joy and her JOY Mapping Method blew the lid off my patterns and beliefs that were keeping me in a cycle of blame and anger.  As I transformed inside, my life transformed outside. In fact, it's been a domino effect of JOY. My career transformed into  what I always dreamed it could be."  

Thank you Joy!  J. Miller

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