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Hello, I'm Joy!
I help women activate & ignite their
feminine power

I have always had insight and intuition into people and personalities. I didn't understand it until much later that I was reading the information in people's chakras. I have a way of going right to the heart of what is blocking your fullest expression and then guiding you to move to higher ground.

Along with being an intuitive energy healer, I have 2 decades of experience in coaching along with Master's degrees in psychology and Oriental Medicine. I have written two books on personality typing for women and created a mindset healing modality called JOY Mapping and Tapping.

Courses & Trainings

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How to Say "Yes" to Yourself and MANIFEST What you Desire!

The Top 3 ways Women Give Their Power Away (and how to stop!)

WOMEN'S Personality Typing for : Relationship success

                                                                              Business success

Step into your highest potential by knowing your PERSONALITY TYPE. You will know your superpowers and stand in your value. 

From Co-dependent to Confident. How to stop shrinking and start shining.

Rock Your Feminine Power Sessions 

In each session, we may work with personality typing, shadow work, energy healing, reclaiming your power and making mindset shifts. 

If you are ready to transform and up-level your life, let's work together.

  • Discover your unique personality type.

  • Transform your relationships

  • Discover your strengths 

  • Show up fully and fiercely in your life and biz!

  • Activate your feminine superpowers!

  • Claim power lost in your shadow.

  • Ignite your connection to your voice and your value.

  • ​​Show up fully in your power and presence. 

  • ​Make a money mindset shift. 

  • Say YES to yourself.

  • Take your power back.

  • ​Show up FULLY as your authentic self and shine!

  • Let go of what doesn't serve you.

  • Move to your higher ground.

Let’s Work Together

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